Marco Sciaini


About Me

I am a grad student at the University of Göttingen, pursuing a PhD in the working group of Kerstin Wiegand (Department of Ecosystem Modelling). My research is done as part of the DFG Research Unit FOR2432. Within FOR2432, I am working on developing a spatial multi-species pollinator model, an effort to link economic, ecological and social features in a rural-urban context. Furthermore, the pollinator model will be coupled with a simple urban-sprawl model to adress future scenarios (e.g. building more parks or built-up area in a city).

Here I'd like to share ideas for data processing, statistical analysis and graphical presentation of ecological data. Furthermore, this blog serves as a place to record my thoughts and experiences in using open source software.

Feel free to contact me with questions.


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The "Young Modellers in Ecology" (YoMos) are a group of young scientists working in all fields of ecological modelling. They first came together in 2005, highly motivated by the idea to improve scientific exchange on the level of master and PhD students. Since 2011, the YoMos are an official specialist group ("Arbeitskreis") of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GfÖ). Over the past years, the YoMos have become a broad international network for young scientists.

The main objectives of the YoMos are:

Since 2015, I participate at the yearly workshop of the YoMos. The workshop is a great place to meet people at Master/PhD level, get to know them and discuss with them about the modelling business.

If you are interested in this network, let me know and I will put you on our mailing list.


Despite all the nerdy stuff on this blog, I leave the office occasionally. I enjoy hiking, Game of Thrones and finding the perfect craft beer. If you are interested in my hiking trips, check out the hidden hiking section of this blog.