Marco Sciaini

QuantumPlots with ggplot2 and spatstat

20 Oct 2015


Lately, I was plotting, comparing and trying to make a sense out of a lot of spatial statistic functions. To facilitate the procedure I wrote the following function to create a plot for the spatstat class ‘fv’, combined with 'Quantum Plots' from:

Esser, D. S., Leveau, J. H. J., Meyer, K. M., & Wiegand, K. (2014). Spatial scales of interactions among bacteria and between bacteria and the leaf surface. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 91(3), fiu034.

The colored bands at the bottom of the plot highlight the spatial scales at which the summary statistics deviate from the simulation envelopes.


Now you can give the result your envelope-fv object and plot it: